Election Updates


Party Spending:

Arizona law allows the Arizona Democratic Party to accept unlimited contributions. And the Arizona Democratic Party may fully coordinate its spending with Katie Hobbs’ campaign. The Hobbs campaign is strongly encouraging all allies to donate to the Arizona Democratic Party – Governor Fund. Your money will go much further. For example, the Party can mail at a saving of up to $0.15 per piece versus organizations mailing with a bulk mail permit. Additionally, the cost of advertising on television is about twice as much for an independent expenditure whereas the Party can get twice as many points for the same amount of money using the candidate rate.

Other entities:

Anyone interested in financially supporting an entity other than the Arizona Democratic Party should contact Alaina Pemberton at alaina@katiehobbs.org.

Key targets in the governor’s race:

NPA voters, non-college educated women, and college educated men.

The winning message:

Kari Lake is seriously dangerous for Arizona.

  • Lake is too extreme and would put Arizona families at risk. She would put government cameras in our children’s classrooms, making our kids vulnerable to predators and hackers. She supported defunding law enforcement and even supported allowing everyday Arizonans to own rocket launchers.
  • All Arizonans, especially non-college women, should know that Kari Lake would criminalize abortion. She would take Arizona back to a 1901 law that would force pregnancies even in cases of rape and incest, and even opposes an exception to save the life of the woman.


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