Trump Rally Reaffirms Kari Lake Has No Real Plans To Secure Arizona’s Border

PHOENIX – Former president Donald Trump’s rally with Kari Lake reaffirmed that Lake’s plan to secure Arizona’s border is about as real as Trump’s promise seven years ago to make Mexico pay for his wall.

“Too many politicians would rather use border security as a political football than find real solutions to keep our communities safe, and no one’s border ideas are more unworkable and ineffective than Kari Lake’s,” said Hobbs. “I am committed to working with local law enforcement to provide additional resources that will actually make a difference for Arizona families. And I’ll hold Washington’s feet to the fire until they finally get their act together and pass comprehensive immigration reform with a tough but fair path to citizenship and fully secure our border.”  

Lake says she would declare an “invasion” and illegally finish the wall on federal and tribal land, daring the federal government to try to arrest herblow up drug and human trafficking tunnels including the people in them, and usurp the federal government’s authority on immigration law by illegally allowing local authorities to deport undocumented immigrants to Mexico.

The same goes for Lake’s trailing opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, who has built her entire campaign on false promises to Arizonans about “finish the wall” but in private rightfully admits she wouldn’t have the jurisdiction to accomplish such a task if elected governor. She has also admitted her “wall” would feature cameras, fiber optics and “all sorts of surveillance technology” – not exactly what Trump had in mind when he promised to finish his “big, beautiful wall.”

While Lake and Robson struggle to come up with any feasible plans to address border security, Hobbs has put forth a realistic plan to not only secure Arizona’s border but also to tackle the root causes of illegal immigration. That includes expanding resources for law enforcement and local government officials in our border communities, fighting for long overdue comprehensive immigration reform with a tough but fair path to citizenship, including for DACA recipients, and advocating for a higher-functioning visa system that incentivizes legal immigration while also supporting the American economy.