Katie Hobbs Releases Plan to Secure the Freedom to Vote for All Arizonans

PHOENIX — Today, Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs released her policy plan to defend the freedom to vote in Arizona, and stand up to continued threats to democracy.

Katie has spent her time as Secretary of State on the frontlines of continued assaults on our democracy. In the middle of a pandemic in the face of repeated attempts to overturn the will of the people, she oversaw historic participation in the 2020 election in Arizona. With voting rights reform efforts unwisely stalled in Congress, she is ready to get to work to protect the freedom to vote and expand that freedom for every eligible Arizonan.

The plan is centered on these core objectives:

  • Protecting Arizonans’ freedoms by expanding access to voting in communities of color and automatically restoring voting rights for Arizonans who have repaid their debt to society.

  • Strengthening election security by allowing election officials to utilize the National Change of Address list to maintain up-to-date election rolls, funding risk-limit audits, making non-partisan post-election audits mandatory without regard to political party participation, and ensuring the security of election workers.

  • Expanding ballot access by extending early voting, and designating election day as a state holiday.

You can read the full plan here.