Katie Hobbs: “Politicians Are Holding Our School Districts Hostage”


PHOENIX — Yesterday, Arizona Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs spoke with KOLD News 13 about the looming school funding crisis caused by Republican lawmakers’ refusal to suspend the aggregate expenditure limit (AEL). Arizona schools face nearly $1.2 billion in budget cuts unless lawmakers act by March 1 to temporarily lift the spending cap.

Hobbs has repeatedly called on lawmakers to act quickly, and has even joined teachers, parents, and other education leaders to bring awareness to this issue. Hobbs told KOLD News 13,  “Politicians are holding our school districts hostage to try to get their way on two things that aren’t related.

Katie Hobbs continues to call on her Republican opponents to join her in demanding that the legislature immediately suspend the AEL to make sure our kids can stay in school. If the legislature refuses to suspend the spending cap, this political move will likely result in teacher furloughs and school closures during an already difficult year.

Watch the full clip here.