FOX 10 – Arizona governor’s race: A look at who’s vying for the spot and their plans if elected

By Steve Nielsen and Stephanie Bennett

Katie Hobbs has the most name recognition in the race and a money advantage. She’s the current Arizona Secretary of State and a former social worker who became the Senator minority leader. She says the economy doesn’t work for everyone in the state and wants to grow high-tech jobs while lowering the cost of living. Second, she wants to invest in education to retain teachers, establish universal pre-k and increase graduation rates. Third, she wants a government that works for everyone and says she can fight through partisan gridlock to get things done. “Arizona should be the best place to live, work, and run a business. As governor, I will work with all stakeholders to support small businesses, grow manufacturing, and attract good-paying jobs to Arizona. And I will invest in our students, workers, businesses, and infrastructure so that Arizona can lead in the high-tech jobs of tomorrow. Due to COVID and inflation, right now our economy is not working for everyone. Families are seeing the price of rent and gas go up, while their wages stay stagnant. We need to make sure that the cost of living goes down, and we cut costs so that Arizonans can lead a quality life. I will work to tackle inflation, support families, and do what it takes to keep workers safe from COVID on the job,” Hobbs said.