Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Announces Run for Governor

PHOENIX–Today, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced her run for Governor of Arizona.

“I am running for Governor to deliver transparency, accountability, and results for Arizonans, just like I have done my whole career,” said Katie Hobbs. “Right now, our state government is being run by conspiracy theorists who are more focused on political posturing than getting things done, and that needs to change. As Governor, I will do what I have always done: put aside our differences and work to solve the serious problems facing Arizona.” 

Watch: Katie Hobbs’ Launch Video

Born and raised in the Grand Canyon State, Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to listening to her community and helping solve difficult challenges for the people of Arizona. A fearless advocate for Arizona, Katie is ready to bring transparency and accountability to the Governor’s office and deliver real results for all of us.

When elected Secretary of State in 2018, Katie faced an uphill battle. The prior administration was mired in dysfunction, had wasted taxpayer dollars and had failed on voter protection. Katie got to work to set things right.

Katie modernized the office, fixed faulty or broken systems and battled misinformation from foreign and domestic sources. In the face of threats to herself, her family and her colleagues, Katie stepped up and fearlessly delivered an historically secure election for Arizona voters.

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