Ahead of Trump’s Visit, Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Must Answer These Questions

PHOENIX—This weekend, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidates will be under the spotlight as former president Donald Trump makes his way to the state to continue to spread the Big Lie and sow doubt in the electoral process.

Kari Lake, Matt Salmon, Karrin Taylor Robson, Kimberly Yee, and Steve Gaynor are all seeking the Republican nomination for governor. Ahead of Trump’s visit, Arizonans deserve to know where they stand on these issues:

1) Former president Donald Trump has falsely claimed that the election was stolen. Do the Arizona Republican candidates believe Joe Biden won the election?

2) Although claims of widespread fraud have been debunked, Republicans continue to spread this lie. Do the Arizona Republican candidates believe there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election and that the results were fraudulent?

3) Trump’s Big Lie has incited violence, chaos, and led to death threats against public officials. Do the Republican candidates believe that January 6th was a violent riot, or a “normal tourist visit”? 

4) The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, led by Republicans Bill Gates and Clint Hickman have been vocal that the Arizona Senate led audit, run by Cyber Ninjas, is ineffective, flawed, and dangerous. Further, they have stated that the 2020 election was safe and secure. Do the Republican candidates  believe that the Republicans on the Maricopa BOS are lying to the public about the security and accuracy of the 2020 election?

5) The Big Lie has led to multiple audits, including one in Arizona led by a third-party contractor with no experience in elections called the Cyber Ninjas. Even after the system was found safe and secure, Republicans are fighting to prove something that’s not true. Do the Republican candidates support using taxpayer money for this so-called “audit”?