New Ad: Sheriff Condemns Kari Lake’s Agenda to Force Law Enforcement to Shift Resources  Towards Going After Doctors

Sheriff Nanos calls Lake’s plan a ‘Waste of Resources — precious resources that we need every day to keep our communities safe’

PHOENIX – Today, the Katie Hobbs campaign released a new ad highlighting how Kari Lake supports criminalizing abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest and forcing law enforcement to go after medical professionals. 

The ad features Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos, who criticizes Lake’s dangerous support of a territorial-era abortion ban and her plan to make law enforcement officers responsible for tracking down doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. Sheriff Nanos called her agenda a waste of “precious resources that we need every day to keep our communities safe.”

Click here to watch Hobbs’ new ad, “Law” 

Lake has referred to the territorial-era ban, which has no rape or incest exceptions, as a “great law.” And, when asked if she supports exceptions, stated, “I’m going to give you my personal viewpoint, but I don’t believe that any child should be killed in a mother’s womb.” Her extreme views don’t stop there, either. She continues to proudly tout her anti-choice positions by promising to sign a bill identical to the Texas Heartbeat bill, which would put a bounty on Arizonans. She has also referred to people seeking abortion care and people who support reproductive freedom as “ghouls,” “murderers,” “liars,” and “executioners.”

The ad begins airing today on broadcast and cable in media markets throughout the state as well as across digital platforms.

Ad Transcript:

[Kari Lake]:

I don’t think abortion should be legal.

[Sheriff Nanos]:

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, Arizona’s reverted back to a 100-year-old law that criminalizes abortion. 

And Kari Lake, she supports that.

It would force pregnancy on victims of rape and incest.

Enforcing that law now makes cops responsible for going after doctors and nurses and medical teams, who can be arrested. Charged criminally. 

But it’s a waste of resources — precious resources that we need every day to keep our communities safe. 

Kari Lake’s ideas make her seriously dangerous.