Katie Hobbs Wins Democratic Nomination for Arizona Governor

Secretary of State Hobbs promises to take on extremist opponent, tackle Arizona’s toughest issues

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for Arizona governor Katie Hobbs celebrated her primary election victory on Tuesday night, pledging to champion the needs of everyday Arizonans and use her track record of working across the aisle to get the job done for Arizona.

In her remarks at her victory party, Hobbs said:

“I want to thank the voters of Arizona for making me your Democratic nominee for governor and entrusting me with this immense responsibility. 

The people threatening our democracy, our state, and our personal freedoms aren’t just banging at my door, they’re banging at Arizona’s door. To take over our state and take away any sense of normalcy we have left.

It’s time to tackle the real challenges we have before us today – like rising costs, Arizona’s water crisis, our failing education system, attacks on women’s freedoms, and the skyrocketing cost of housing. We need leaders who will look to the future, not conspiracies of the past. Leaders who are doers, not whiners. Do you want a governor whose entire platform boils down to being a sore loser or a governor who will get the job done for Arizona?

I’m no stranger to tackling tough challenges. We are tough, this state is tough, and if we work together, we can tackle our biggest challenges.”

Two recent polls have shown Hobbs with a wide lead over both of her Republican opponents. The most recent gives Hobbs a 9-point lead over Kari Lake and an 8-point lead over Karrin Taylor Robson. These polls reinforce findings from every credible poll, which show Hobbs defeating both Lake and Robson in the general election.

Rather than getting sidetracked by the vicious, nonsensical infighting that has marred her opponent’s campaigns, Hobbs has stayed laser-focused on releasing plan after plan aimed at addressing the real issues voters care about. These solutions tackle everything from the soaring cost of living to the pervasive attack on reproductive rights, decades of federal inaction on immigration reform, and the state’s worsening water crisis – all of which prepare Hobbs to get to work for Arizonans from Day One in office.