Katie Hobbs Takes On Most Important Issues for Arizonans in Face the Nation Appearance

Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake appeared on Face the Nation to discuss issues important to Arizonans like abortion and immigration

PHOENIX– Yesterday, Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs appeared on CBS News’s Face the Nation Sunday and showed a strong command of the top issues facing Arizonans. Throughout her segment, Hobbs demonstrated she is a battle-tested leader and the only choice with comprehensive plans to restoreArizonans’ reproductive freedoms, address our economic challenges, and secure our border.

On abortion: “Under a Kari Lake administration, we would have government-mandated forced births that risk women’s lives. And her position is the one that’s extreme,” Hobbs said. “It’s out of touch with where the majority of Arizonans are who support access to safe and legal abortion. And under her administration, women would not be safe.”

Hobbs said abortion is a “very personal decision that belongs between a woman and her doctor.” 

On rising costs: Hobbs said she and her husband know acutely the struggles Arizona families face amid rising prices, having raised their family “through financial ups and downs.”

“We have a comprehensive plan to address the rising costs that Arizonans are facing right now that will put money back in their pockets,” she said. “We cut taxes on all kinds of everyday items like over the counter medication, school supplies, diapers, feminine hygiene products, we provide a state level child tax credit, and tax credits for people who want to go back to work in higher paying jobs to get career and technical education.”

On immigration: “Biden does need to step up immigration and border security […] Arizona is bearing the brunt of illegal drug trafficking, gun trafficking and smuggling. And we do need more border security. It’s not going to get done by declaring an invasion at the border or dismantling the F.B.I., which is another thing that my opponent has called for.”

Hobbs criticized Lake’s plan, saying her positions are “empty rhetoric.”

“She’s not offering real solutions. When she talked about invoking the constitutional authority of the state, she’s talking about declaring an invasion at our southern border,” she said. “That would do absolutely nothing to increase border security, but it would bring untold levels of chaos into our state. It’s not a real solution.”