Katie Hobbs releases statement on Dobbs and the future of reproductive health in Arizona

PHOENIX — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs released the following statement calling for peaceful protests, slamming her GOP opponents for distracting from their delusional comments on rape and incest, and calling for Arizonans to make their voices heard in November:

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was one I – and people across this country – have been dreading, and one I never imagined I would see in my lifetime. This ruling is a giant step backwards in our fight for women’s equality, and the consequences women will now suffer are truly unthinkable. I will do everything in my power as a mother, as a social worker, as a domestic violence advocate, and as your next governor to stop these unprecedented attacks and to secure women’s rights for the next generation.

“Last night, thousands of people across the country gathered to protest, including here in Phoenix at the State Capitol. If there was ever a time to exercise the constitutional right of “the people peaceably to assemble,” it is in response to our government stripping us of our right to control our own bodies. There will undoubtedly be more protests in the coming days. But let me be clear – it is imperative that every protest in Arizona and across the country remains peaceful. There is no place for violence now or ever. Nor will violence or vandalism help further our cause – if anything it only devalues our purpose. 

“Last night, Republicans in the legislature and my Republican opponents tried to create a grotesque false equivalency between these protests and the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. 

“They’re doing this because they’re desperate to change the conversation and hide their abhorrent views on women’s reproductive freedom from the Arizona voters who will hold them accountable this November. We cannot let them shift this focus away from their extreme positions.

“Yesterday, one of the Republican candidates for governor here in Arizona said she does not support exceptions even in cases of rape or incest. She was asked if she would change her view if a 14-year-old girl is raped by a family member and becomes pregnant. My opponent continued to oppose an exception in this horrific instance and then justified her position by saying that pregnancy rarely occurs in violent situations. Listening to her callous response left me speechless.

“To be clear – we shouldn’t need to find the most horrendous example like this in order to be outraged. Women should have access to safe and legal abortion no matter where they live – and the decision to have an abortion should rest entirely between a woman and her doctor. 

“Both of my opponents in this race have called for criminalizing and imprisoning women and doctors – and they just might get their way. In Arizona, a law from 1901 effectively outlaws all abortion and requires prison time for abortion providers. Yesterday, Planned Parenthood in Arizona canceled all abortion appointments for fear that their patients and medical professionals could face criminal prosecution. It sounds like a scene from the Handmaid’s Tale but this is America in 2022. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be our future – if we vote this November. 

“Governors are now the last line of defense between a total ban on abortion and women’s freedom. Showing up to vote is the best way to channel this outrage and to create change. We cannot let a law that was passed before women even had the right to vote determine our future. We lost a fundamental right this week with the Supreme Court decision, but we still have a choice in November. And I need every single one of you to go to katiehobbs.org and join me in this fight. Thank you.”