Katie Hobbs Highlights Her Affordable Arizona Plan for a Strong Economy at UFCW Roundtable 

Labor leaders express support for Hobbs’ plans to support unions and Arizona’s working families 

PHOENIX – Today, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs met with United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) labor leaders for a roundtable discussion on the biggest challenges facing Arizona’s working families. Drawing from her Affordable Arizona economic plan, Hobbs emphasized how she’ll prioritize lowering costs, expanding career opportunities, and ensuring a secure retirement for Arizona seniors. 

“I’m the only candidate in this race who’s not a millionaire. My husband and I have raised two kids through financial ups and downs. We have personally felt the impact higher prices have on families who are trying to put food on the table, and when I’m governor, I’ll never forget that.” Hobbs said. “You can be sure that when I’m governor, I’ll be working day in and day out for families all across this state who are struggling just like mine. Arizona deserves a leader who understands what people are going through right now and has a plan to lower the cost of living here.”

Hobbs’ economic plan would deliver immediate relief to working families across Arizona.  Meanwhile, Kari Lake’s bare bones economic plan is being criticized by experts and even Republican mayors: just last month a top economist, Dennis Hoffman, said that Lake’s plan would be like adding ‘jet fuel’ to the fire of inflation. If Lake were governor, Arizonans would be paying more for everyday goods, and local police and firefighters would have their budgets decimated. We simply cannot risk this.

In case you missed it, Lake’s ridiculous economic “plans” have gained attention from multiple experts over the past few weeks — for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a quick recap of what folks are saying about Kari Lake’s dangerous policy proposals:

  • Economist Dennis Hoffman said Lake’s plan to tackle inflation was like “trying to put out a fire with jet fuel.”
  • League of Arizona Cities and Towns Legislative Director Tom Savage underscored that Lake’s half-baked ideas would provide “minimal relief” to Arizona’s working families and raise rent during a time of record-high housing prices. 
  • Laurie Roberts’ column in the Arizona Republic underscored that Lake’s economic plans would defund police and first responders. She wrote that “Kari Lake’s plan to ‘fix’ Arizona’s economy demonstrates just what can happen when you have a governor who reads teleprompters instead of budgets” 
  • An Arizona Daily Star column featured two experts calling Lake’s water plans unrealistic. One of them even said “Lake’s assertion that ‘we need more water. Period.’ is naive and a century late.” While Hobbs’ plan is “more realistic.” 
  • ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy Director Sarah Porter also recently highlighted that Lake’s water plan would make the price of the water drastically more expensive for water users, so high it may “price out most people.”

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