Katie Hobbs Continues Fight for Women’s Reproductive Rights

At a roundtable this morning, Katie Hobbs joined Planned Parenthood and Democratic leaders to discuss the state of women’s reproductive health care

PHOENIX – Today, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs joined President of Planned Parenthood for America Action Fund Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood for Arizona President Brittany Fonteno, Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán, and Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes for a roundtable focused on restoring reproductive freedom in Arizona.

This discussion brought together reproductive health care advocates and leaders, who spoke on the restrictive abortion laws facing Arizonans. Participants emphasized the confusion that health care providers are facing as they try to treat patients under constantly changing pretenses.

The current 15-week ban is similar to the 1901 territorial ban, as neither ban allows exceptions for rape or incest and both require prison time for providers.

“The extreme restrictions are preventing women who have gone through incredibly traumatic, difficult experiences from getting the care they need. Our government is literally mandating forced births for women who are already dealing with horrific traumas,” Hobbs stated. “Doctors appointments, prescription refills, and other necessary medical care has been thrown into chaos and confusion – chaos and confusion that is entirely avoidable if the government would stay out of personal medical decisions.” 

It’s because of these dire circumstances that Hobbs has called for a special legislative session on day one of her governorship to fully restore women’s reproductive health care.

Meanwhile, Kari Lake has continued to declare her eagerness for restrictive abortion laws that are out of touch with the needs of Arizona’s families. She has even gone so far as peddling the myth that abortion restrictions will make it easier to “catch rapists.” She has also called the territorial-ban a “great” law and has called for the criminalization of doctors.