Katie Hobbs, Arizona Democratic Party Launch General Election With Two New Television Spots

PHOENIX — Today, Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Democratic Party announced their first two ads of the general election. The first, “Our Arizona,” is a positive spot highlighting the promise Hobbs fulfilled by being accountable to Arizonans and her unwavering commitment to fighting for women’s reproductive healthcare, lowering costs for families, and investing in our schools.

The second spot, “Too Dangerous,” spotlights Kari Lake’s dangerous ideas like criminalizing abortion, forcing rape and incest victims to carry their pregnancies, legalizing deadly weapons like rocket launchers, and putting children in danger by recording them in their classrooms. The Arizona Democratic Party sponsored this ad.

The ads are both airing on broadcast and cable television and digital platforms across the state just hours after Lake was officially declared the nominee.

“Our Arizona” Transcript:

As your Secretary of State, I promised…

You can trust that I’ll be accountable to you.

And Arizona, we’ve been through a thing or two.

Attacks on our voting system.

A pointless waste of our tax dollars.

Women’s reproductive health care on the line.

But we are tough.

This state and our freedoms are worth fighting for.

That’s why I’m running for governor.

To protect a woman’s right to choose.

Fix our schools and lower costs.

I’m Katie Hobbs, and that’s my promise to you.

“Too Dangerous” Transcript: 

Kari Lake has gone radical.

She’s pushing dangerous ideas that are wrong for Arizona.

Lake wouldn’t just ban abortion, she’d criminalize it…

Forced pregnancies for rape and incest.

So radical she’d even legalize rocket launchers.

And Lake wants to politicize schools by using cameras to record everything our children say and do…

Creating a digital paradise for predators.

Kari Lake: she’s not just radical, she’s dangerous.