Katie Hobbs Applauds Mark Brnovich Decrying Kari Lake Election Denialism

Republican Attorney General Says Lake is Guilty of “A Giant Grift,” Says Her Campaign Based ‘In Horseshit’

PHOENIXOn 60 Minutes last night, Arizona Republican Attorney General and former Senate candidate Mark Brnovich came out swinging against GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake, taking her to task for her election denialism. 

Attorney General Brnovich had this to say about Lake’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election: 

“Horseshit. And that’s what it is… Most of it’s horseshit. And I’ve been trying to scrape – scrape it off my shoes for the last year.”

And also characterized her campaign to get the 2020 election decertified:

“A giant grift.”

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs released the following statement: 

“Let’s be clear: Kari Lake is an extremist and dangerous candidate – not a mainstream Republican, so it’s no surprise that Republican officials across the state are denouncing her lie-fueled, hateful campaign. Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s comments on 60 Minutes last night were brave – I applaud him for his willingness to speak truth to power, and hold Kari Lake accountable for the threat she poses to our democracy and Constitution.”