Katie Hobbs and Kris Mayes Condemn Total Ban on Abortion, Hobbs Promises to Call A Special Session On Day One To Repeal It 

Hobbs calls on Arizonans to “fight like women’s lives are on the line, because they are”

PHOENIX — Today, Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs and Democratic attorney general nominee Kris Mayes held a press conference with Dr. Baharak Tabarsi, a Phoenix family physician, to condemn the Pima County Superior Court’s decision to lift the injunction on the territorial-era total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. Hobbs announced that, as governor, she will call a special session of the legislature on Day One to repeal this draconian ban.

In front of Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office, speakers emphasized the devastating consequences that this law will have on Arizona women and families. The law, which Brnovich fought to reinstate, effectively outlaws abortion and criminalizes medical providers, mandating jail time for performing abortions. With this decision, it’s clearer than ever that electing a pro-choice governor and attorney general is the path to restoring abortion access and protecting women and doctors in Arizona.

“Kari Lake’s support of this ban and her support for additional restrictions on reproductive care prove that if elected governor, she will continue to put our health and freedoms on the line. We cannot let her hold public office and have the power to enact the extreme, anti-choice policies that she’s spent her entire campaign touting,” said Katie Hobbs, who highlighted her Bans Off Arizona plan to protect reproductive care. “As Arizona’s governor, I will do everything in my power and use every tool at my disposal to restore abortion rights in Arizona. On Day One, I’ll call a special session of the state legislature to overturn this draconian law.” 

Kari Lake’s track record demonstrates her extreme agenda to restrict reproductive health care. She recently called this territorial-era ban a “great law,” making it clear she is in favor of criminalizing abortion providers and will force cops to go after medical professionals. In addition, she has referred to women seeking abortions as “ghouls,” “liars,” “murderers,” and “executioners.” Make no mistake: if elected governor, Kari Lake will seek to further take away Arizonans’ reproductive freedoms and put millions of peoples’ lives on the line.

“Women and girls will die because of [this law]. It will impact our economy, our ability to attract and retain talent, and it is a glaring black eye for the state of Arizona, nationally,” said Kris Mayes. “I want to be crystal clear: When I am Attorney General, I will immediately challenge this law as an unconstitutional violation of Arizona women’s rights.”

“As a physician I also know and fully attest to the fact that abortion is health care. A matter between a person with a uterus and their doctor,” said Dr. Baharak Tabarsi. “Imagine a law where your physician’s hands were tied and she could not prescribe for you the medications and treatments you needed so that you could live your life to the fullest.”