ICYMI: Republican Women Back Katie Hobbs for Governor

Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg voice their support for Katie Hobbs in Daily Independent Op-Ed

PHOENIX – Rebecca Gau, the former Director of Education Innovation under Governor Jan Brewer, and Lisa Hoberg, a Republican precinct and committeewoman, submitted an opinion piece to the Daily Independent over the weekend, voicing their support for Katie Hobbs as Arizona’s next governor and encouraging other Republican women to vote for her as well.

Gau and Hoberg add to the chorus of Republican voices that are highly critical of Lake’s dangerous rhetoric and extremism. Arizonans want a governor that will protect women’s rights, education funding, and our democratic elections.

Read for yourself why they are publicly rejecting Lake’s candidacy:

Daily Independent: Here’s Why Arizona’s Republican Women Should Vote For Hobbs

By: Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg

Key Points:

  • “This November, Republican women will be an important voting bloc — This isn’t particularly new information, but thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court and Arizona’s key role in the drama around the 2020 presidential election, it is possibly the most important year for Republican women to make a very careful choice on which female gubernatorial candidate most directly represents our values and should lead our state.”

  • “Lake is setting up women to take another fall as well — this time over who has control of our bodies and our families. A Republican woman can hold deeply held beliefs, as we do, that would steer us away from choosing to terminate a pregnancy. But we can also acknowledge that it is a very personal decision between a woman and her doctor and her family. A decision that politicians should stay out of.”

  • “While keeping taxes low, Arizona was finally able to put significant funding back into education and begin to address the water crisis — and it took both Republicans and Democrats moving away from political rhetoric and finding common ground.”

  • “Lake isn’t about finding common ground, shown by her rhetoric on overturning the 2020 election and enforcing Arizona’s abortion ban.”

  • “A Hobbs governorship is much more likely to protect education funding, end the ‘controversy’ over the 2020 election, and support women’s autonomy.”