ICYMI: Kari Lake’s Extremist Values Are a Threat to Arizonans’ Freedoms, Families and Futures 

In a Fox News Op-ed, Katie Hobbs talks about why it’s critical to defeat Kari Lake this election.
PHOENIX — In a recent op-ed to Fox News, Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs condemned Kari Lake’s extremist values and argued that Lake cares more about spectacle than delivering real results for the people of Arizona.
With just three days until Election Day, it is clear that Kari Lake is a departure from the party of John McCain and Barry Goldwater and her extremism is a real threat to the future of Arizona.
“The party of Barry Goldwater and John McCain is gone. The new GOP is led by extremist, radical stone throwers like Kari Lake who disparage great Americans like John McCain, and are more interested in garnering headlines and booking cable news hits than actually delivering on the issues facing Arizonans… This isn’t a small disagreement between Democratic or Republican ideas. This is about a simple choice — between sanity and chaos, and whether we want to continue to live in a democracy where our Constitution and country come first. It’s about ensuring our children can grow up in a state where they don’t have to worry about putting food on the table or getting the health care they need. Kari Lake isn’t a small business, small government conservative. Kari Lake is an extremist firebrand who isn’t qualified, or even interested, in tackling the challenges facing our state. We can’t risk our state’s future on another TV personality. We can’t risk Kari Lake.” 
Hobbs’ Fox News op-ed makes it clear that the future of our democracy is at stake this November. Hobbs, on the other hand, is deeply committed to making Arizona the best place to live, work and raise a family and representing all Arizonans, regardless of their politics.
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