ICYMI: Aidy Bryant Endorses Katie Hobbs for Governor

The SNL star and Phoenix local announced her endorsement in a new video posted on twitter 

PHOENIX — Yesterday, Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant endorsed Katie Hobbs for governor. Addressing Arizonans in a video, Bryant said that while there is a lot at stake on the ballot this election, she pointedly remarked “But also, when you look at Kari Lake, I think Arizona’s decency is on the ballot.”

Bryant’s endorsement comes on the heels of President Obama’s support for Katie Hobbs, as voters across Arizona are voting early. 

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“I couldn’t agree more with Aidy Bryant. So much is at stake in this election including decency and democracy.” said Hobbs. “I am thrilled to have the support of a fellow Arizonan like Aidy, and as governor I will make sure that she and every Arizonan is proud to call the Copper State home.”

Aidy Bryant’s Video Transcript:

[Aidy Bryant]:

Hi, my name is Aidy Bryant

And I’m probably best known for–in the 90’s–being a 

member of the Phoenix Girls’ Choir. 

But I was born and raised in Phoenix.

My family is from Arizona and I love it deeply,

which is why I believe that Katie Hobbs

should be our governor and you know,

there’s a lot of important stuff on the 

ballot, including reproductive rights

but also, when you look at Kari Lake,

I think Arizona’s decency is on the ballot. 

So, I hope you’ll make a plan,

and I hope you’ll vote for a lifelong social worker,

someone who care so much about the people

of Arizona, Katie Hobbs.

Thank you.”