Fox News Poll Shows Katie Hobbs Continuing To Lead Kari Lake

Hobbs leads every credible poll as voter approval of Lake sinks 

PHOENIX – A new Fox News poll released today shows Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs maintaining a clear lead over her extreme and out-of-touch opponent, Kari Lake. Even worse for Lake, her favorability is already “underwater” by 5 points, while voters view Hobbs positively by 8 points. And with Republicans and independent pollsters raising red flags for Lake’s flailing campaign, this poll reflects what we’ve seen all along in this race: Hobbs continues to lead every credible poll against Lake and pummels Lake among critical independent voters who will decide this election.

“This is just the latest reputable independent poll that demonstrates Katie Hobbs is running a winning campaign and connecting with Arizonans across the political spectrum,” campaign manager Nicole DeMont said. “As Katie continues to bring people together with her solutions-oriented policies, it’s clear Kari Lake’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric is turning off critical voters.” 

As Lake continues to alienate Arizonans with her dangerous rhetoric, this public poll also shows that Hobbs dominates among key demographics, including a wide lead with critical independent voters by 17 points. And as the overturning of Roe v. Wade continues to make news in Arizona given the dangerous views espoused by Lake, women are squarely in Hobbs’ camp with a lead of 19 points. Even nearly 10 percent of Republicans support Hobbs with room to grow, as Lake has trouble consolidating the Republican base.

The bottom line is this race isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s a choice between sanity and chaos. And Arizona voters clearly believe — as they have demonstrated in poll after poll — that Kari Lake as governor would result in less freedom and less stability.