“Arizona Over Party”: Republicans for Katie Hobbs Coalition Blasts Kari Lake as Too Dangerous for Arizona

Mesa Mayor John Giles: “It’s not a choice between Republicans and Democrats, it’s a choice between sanity and chaos.” 

PARADISE VALLEY — Today, Mesa Mayor John Giles joined prominent Arizona Republican leaders in Barry Goldwater Park to sound the alarm over Kari Lake’s seriously dangerous candidacy. Attendees — who are all members of the Republicans for Katie Hobbs coalition — implored voters to put Arizona over partisan politics and elect Hobbs as governor. Speakers also included Karie Dozer, Communications Director for former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, and Monica Villalobos, President and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Mayor John Giles of Mesa kicked off his remarks with a nod to the rally happening with “out of town guest” former President Donald Trump and his most faithful footsoldier in spewing conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, Kari Lake. “We have some very significant problems facing our state right now,” said Mayor Giles. “Water, housing, supporting public education, finding solutions to our transportation infrastructure problems. Katie Hobbs is the right person to lead us to address these challenges.” Mayor Giles also swung back at Lake’s bullying, calling out her assertion that Republicans crossing the aisle to oppose her were “losers.” He encouraged others to put country over party to stop her dangerous agenda for Arizona from becoming a reality. 

Karie Dozer delivered a call to action about speaking to friends and family about the stakes of the upcoming election, warning that Arizona’s future is on the line. She praised Hobbs’ track record of serving her community as a social worker, state legislator and Secretary of State. Monica Villalobos, a lifelong Republican and a member of the Latinos for Katie Hobbs coalition, went on to speak about how she is fed up with Kari Lake’s extremism and lack of plans to deliver for Arizonans. She emphasized that Arizonans deserve better, and that’s why she is crossing the aisle to support Hobbs for governor. 

“Secretary Hobbs, you and I do not, and will not, agree on everything,” said Villalobos. “But we both believe that Arizona is better than a sound bite. We deserve leaders committed to spirited but respectful conversations. And I have no doubt we’ll have many.” 

“I bet many of you never thought you would be up here campaigning with a Democrat to be our next governor,” Hobbs quipped, closing out the program. “But the support we’ve seen from Republicans, Independents, people who have never been involved in politics before, is a testament to the threat that Kari Lake poses should she be our next Governor. And we’re not going to let that happen.” 

Hobbs and the Republicans supporting her campaign took questions from reporters about why she is a better fit to lead the state forward.

A partial list of attendees can be found here: 

  • John Giles, Mayor of Mesa
  • Rich Dozer, Former President of the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Karie Dozer, Media Consultant
  • Peggy Neely, Former Phoenix City Councilwoman
  • Sam Campana, Former Scottsdale Mayor
  • Tommy McKone, CEO of McKone Strategies 
  • Alec Esteban Thomson, Multicultural and Public Service Director of LAVIDGE
  • Peggy Bilsten, Former Phoenix City Councilwoman
  • Jackie Norton, President and CEO of the Rodel Foundation of Arizona
  • Monica Villalobos, President and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

** Titles and organizations are for identification purposes only **